You're protected by top-class internet security

Personal security and privacy is our top priority. We believe that no gaming experience is complete without top-level security measures that ensure identity privacy and safe storage of your personal information.

That said, we'll explain how we go about creating this environment.

SSL - Secure Socket Layer Encryption Protocols

We use the same encryption technologies that are used by banks and other financial institutions that work online (SSL 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology). That means, if you feel safe with your bank, you can feel safe with us.

Why Regular SSL Certification Isn't Enough

Regular SSL certificates do a great job of protecting information that is sent from the sender (you) to the recipient (the company). However, until EV certification, you never were really sure exactly how trustworthy and established the recipient was. As more and more people "set up show" online, it's becoming necessary to know how to differentiate between the good guys and the bad guys. Now, you don't have to "take our word for it" - you can rest assured that we hold an internationally recognized and prestigious certification that clearly states that we are a reputable, trustworthy, legal and well-established company.

Protection of Minors - No Underage Gambling

We uphold a highly strict No Underage Gambling policy. We require that each player verify his or her age with the proper identification documentation. Each player is responsible for familiarising themselves with the laws regarding gambling age in his or her jurisdiction and to act accordingly. Under no circumstances do we make any exceptions to this rule.

Our system has a sophisticated method of uncovering unlawful attempts to access our services. In the event that we become aware of a minor who has attempted to play at our site, we will not accept this information and we will remove the player from our system.

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