Responsible Gaming

BreakoutCasino’s Responsible Gambling Policy

Our Commitment to Responsible Gambling

BreakoutCasino is committed to endorsing responsible wagering as well as promoting the awareness of problem gambling and improving prevention, intervention and treatment. BreakoutCasino’s Responsible Gambling Policy sets out our commitment to minimizing the negative effects of problem gambling and to promoting responsible gambling practices.

We believe it is our responsibility to you, our customers, to ensure that you enjoy your wagering experience on our platform, while ensuring that you are fully aware of the social and financial problems which can be associated with problem gambling.

In order to assist players in gambling responsibly we have provided the following information and features on our site.

  • Customer driven deposit, transfer and loss limits
  • Game Session Timers
  • Self-exclusion tools
  • Links to Gambling Therapy and other help organizations
  • Self-help and awareness information
  • Information and tools to protect underage access

Financial Limits

Functionality is available to set Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Deposit/Loss/Wager Limits. These can be set up after you have created an account and have logged in for the first time. If you would like to update your responsible gaming settings, this may be done by accessing the “My Account” section. Click on the Responsible Gaming tab, this tab will allow you to set your Deposit/Loss/Wager limit as well as exclude from play for six months, 1/3/5 years or permanently.

BreakoutCasino's limits allows the player to set a limit and reduce risk of depositing/spending/losing more than they may wish. This limit is valid for a certain time period of the player’s choice: 1 day, 7 days or 30 days starting from the date and time they set the limit.

If the player sets the limit at 20h00 for a period of 1 day, then the limit will reset every day at 20h00. If the player sets the limit at 20h00 for a period of 30 days, then the limit will reset every 30 days at 20h00. Continuing the last example, the player will only be able to deposit/lose/wager up to the limit from 20h00 at the starting date till 30 days later at 20h00.

Players will be notified when the set limit is reached, and will not be able to complete a further transaction until the duration of the cycle expires (i.e. until the 30 day’s period expires, at day 30’s 20h00). The player can either change the amount and length of a future cycle, which would take place when the cycle expires.

Once a new limit goes into effect a popup message will inform the player with the change and give them the option to approve the new limit or revert it back to the current limit that was about to change at which point the new cycle will be set from that date and time of the new request, or remove the limit entirely, which will also take place only after the current cycle expires.If the player wishes to reduce the limit, this can be done at any time and will remain in effect till the end of the limit period.

If you require any further information or assistance regarding any of our Financial Limit functionalities, please contact our Helpdesk.


Should you need to take a break from gambling, we provide a self-exclusion facility which can be set from the BreakoutCasino Responsible Gaming screen, or can be set by our Helpdesk upon request. Self-exclusion means that your account will be closed for a minimum period of six months or five years, and will not be reactivated under any circumstances during the exclusion period (unlike a standard account closure request). During the self-exclusion period, a player will neither be allowed to gamble nor will they receive marketing materials from BreakoutCasino. A telephone call with an authorized BreakoutCasino employee (after 6 months or five years has elapsed) is required before account re-opening can be considered.

We also recommend that consideration is given to the installation of software that will allow you to block access to internet gambling websites. Additional advice may be obtained from the Gamble Aware website.

Please contact the Helpdesk if you require any further information or assistance on self-exclusion or individual product restrictions.

Self-exclusion in the UK

If you are considering self-exclusion, you may wish to register with GAMSTOP.

GAMSTOP is a free service that enables you to self-exclude from all online gambling companies licensed in Great Britain.

To find out more and to sign up with GAMSTOP please visit

Maintaining control

Whilst the majority of our customers gamble within their means for some it can be more difficult. In order to maintain control of your gambling habits we would like you to bear in mind the following points:

  • Gambling should be done in moderation and undertaken as a form of leisure not as a genuine way of making money
  • Avoid chasing losses
  • Only gamble when you can cover the losses
  • Keep track of the time and monitor the amount of money you spend
  • If you need help, use the deposit and loss limits tools to help you control the amount you can spend. These can be accessed by contacting our Helpdesk for assistance.
  • Should you need a break from gambling, self-exclusion can be accessed by selecting Responsible Gaming or our Helpdesk will be able to assist you
  • If you need to talk to someone about any concerns you may have with your gambling, please contact one of the organizations which we have detailed below.
  • Do you have a problem?

    If you are concerned that gambling has had a negative impact on your life or someone else’s then the following questions may help you find out.

    • Does gambling prevent you from attending work or college?
    • Do you gamble to pass time or to escape boredom?
    • Do you gamble alone for long periods of time?
    • Have others ever criticized you for your gambling?
    • Have you lost interest in family, friends or hobbies due to gambling?
    • Have you ever lied to cover up the amount of money or time you spend gambling?
    • Have you lied, stolen or borrowed in order to maintain betting habits?
    • Are you reluctant to spend “gambling money” on anything else?
    • Do you gamble until you lose all your money?
    • After losing, do you feel that you have to try and win back the losses as soon as possible?
    • If you run out of money when gambling, do you feel lost and in despair and feel the need to gamble again as soon as possible?
    • Do arguments, frustrations or disappointments make you want to gamble?
    • Does gambling make you depressed or even suicidal?
      • The more questions that you answer “yes” to, the more likely it is that you are having difficulties with your gambling. To speak with someone who can give you advice and support, please contact one of the organizations detailed below.
    • Gamblers Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who have joined together to do something about their own gambling problem and help other compulsive gamblers do the same. There are regional fellowships around the world. The Gamblers Anonymous international service site is at
      • GamCare provides support, information and advice to anyone suffering through a gambling problem. The GamCare site has free phone numbers for UK residents to obtain help and details of counseling services available in the UK. Gamcare can be reached at

    Underage gambling

    It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to open an account or to gamble on BreakoutCasino. BreakoutCasino takes its responsibilities in this regard very seriously. We carry out age verification checks on all customers who use payment mechanisms which are available to under 18 and additionally perform random age verification checks on customers using other forms of funding mechanisms.


    Filtering Systems

    BreakoutCasino advises and encourages its customers to prevent minors from accessing gambling websites. Filtering solutions allow parents to regulate access to the Internet, based on chosen criteria. Parents can use filters to prevent their children from accessing, amongst other things, gambling websites

    These include:

    Net Nanny filtering software protects children from inappropriate web content

    CYBERsitter filtering software gives parents the opportunity to add certain sites to block:

    There are also a number of companies who provide software which once installed allows you to completely block individual computers from accessing gambling internet sites, these include: Gamblock: Betfilter:

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